Here are some of my favorite data viz and podcasting resources! Let me know if there's anything that you think I'm missing, and I'd be happy to take a look.*Please note: Some are affiliate links from which I earn a commission.


Learn how to use Adobe Illustrator to create and edit visualizations for ultimate flexibility.

Learn how to use Mapbox to create and style your first interactive map.


Why I love it: This book is as close as you can get to studying data viz under a smart, kind mentor.

Why I love it: Nathan explains a wide range of topics in a really conversational way. My go-to book.


Why I love it: There are so many real-life examples and solutions in this gem of a book.


Why I love it: There's a wide range of expertise by the authors and contributors to this book, so each chapter is really specific and informative.


Why I love it: Gave me a refreshed view of data viz. Exercise restraint & show the data! Listen to my lessons learned in episode 27.

Why I love it: It's intended for kids but also great for adults. Beautiful, entertaining, and engaging! Listen to Episode 29, which features Federica and her illustrations!

Why I love it: Tamara has an even-handed view of many data viz topics, and provides the pros and cons of various techniques. Listen to episode 31 about when to use 3D!

Why I love it: This is a visually stunning book with classic & inspirational flow maps. It’d be a perfect coffee table book and make a really special gift for the map or data viz lover.

Why I love it: This is a very accessible look at the craft of data storytelling. Listen to the insightful chat that I had with RJ about how to be consistently creative in episode 37.

My Podcasting Gear

I've received a lot of questions about what I use to record and edit the podcast. Here's everything that I have (and love!) - let me know if you have any other questions about getting into podcasting!